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JD’s Blog
January 30, 2007, 8:28 pm
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Ok so my 8 year old, JD, who is my creative child and likes to draw and write, has started a blog.  His poem made me laugh.  Y’all check him and leave him a comment. 


I did think of an exception…
January 29, 2007, 8:31 am
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If you are a young mom standing in front of a big wooden box draped with flowers, in a room full of flowers where everyone is crying, mourning the tragic loss of your son, you can be ASSURED that I will hug you with everything I have in my body.  I might even kiss your cheek and tell you I love you. 

Don’t touch me
January 27, 2007, 8:48 pm
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I just thought you all should know, I don’t like to be hugged.  People who know me well know this.  (Right Katie?  Right Caroline?)

I had the unique priviledge of accompanying the aforementioned Caroline on her very first Starbucks visit tonite with another friend Gayle and we were talking the usual girl-talk and discussing the tragedy in our church family this week and I don’t know how it happened but Gayle didn’t know this about me. 

Oh yes, yes, I remember.  We were talking about how Friday at school Jojo’s very sweet and emotionally sensitive teacher ran up to our pastor (who is not HER pastor but she knows him) and gave him a big ol’ bone-crushin’, Southern girl, "Praise God, I love ya!" hug.  Now anyone that knows our wonderful pastor knows…  He doesn’t hug.  Especially women.  And it’s for good reason… I’m sure he hugs his wife and daughter but not other women.   But she gave him NO OPTION!  And I just happened to be there and see it and she just didn’t know, bless her heart.  I had to giggle, frankly.  Kinda glad I got to see it.  Pastor Jeff, I’ve got your back… you had no say in the matter.  You looked kind of scared actually.  😀   

Because I’m not a hugger either.  I don’t like people touching me, and to be honest I know that sounds a little weird comin’ from a girl who’s been pregnant 7 times.  I’m good with the Mister huggin’ on me, if you must know, but even with my kids who I love to pieces I have to do a mental, "Hmmm Have I hugged Sugie today?  What about JD?" etc.  It feels very un-natural for whatever reason.  Weird, huh? 

Caroline recalled the time she accompanied me when I was in the ER for the zillionth time with kidney stones.  If you have ever had those little pieces of hell in your ureters you know you writhe and can’t keep still.  So I’m in a backless gown writing and moaning and hollerin’ and scarin’ folks and she’s sitting there and I can now look back and see the thoughts running through her mind like a stock-ticker running across her forehead.   "I think I should go hug her.  Or comfort her.  No, wait, she’s already in pain.  Do I make it awkward too?  Would I be hugging her to make her feel better or because I just feel so bad for her??"  I’m sure she was in pain too.  Seems like she patted me on the arm, like "There, there."  Yeah, that’ll do.

I am a true Southern girl.  A child of the South.  But I’m not ever in my life going to come runnin’ up to you and give you a big ol’ squeeze like all the stereotypes about us.  If you come up and hug me I’m likely to do a "Pastor Jeff" and stiffen like a board and pat you on the back.   

Don’t take it personally.  I’m just not wired that way.

You have been warned.      


Small break
January 26, 2007, 7:23 am
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I will be taking a short break.  We received word last night that some friends’ of ours (from church) son was killed last night in a firearm accident.  He was 11 or 12 and in Jojo’s class at school.  We’re just going to take some time to be together with our church family and with our very-shaken and upset son.  Please pray for these precious people. 

Limerick Thursday
January 25, 2007, 4:02 pm
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Limericthirsday_7 There once was a boy who played soccer

Long hair made him look like a rocker.

His mom had him shorn

His face grew forlorn

And dad said, "Look!  Eyes!  What a shocker!"


At nighttime we must watch tv

I sit there and nurse baby Bee

American Idol

Makes me suicidal

These people sing way off of key.

Have a great day yall!  Haircuts at the house (hence the first one) and I’m trying to get a bit organized.  Going to see some unexpected out of town guests tonite at the inlaws so I’m running a bit. 

Great Scot!
January 22, 2007, 10:20 pm
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We had our monthly "We’re going to Scotland!"  meeting.  I say it like that because that’s kind of what we sit in a room and do.  We haven’t made any real plans yet for what we are going to actually do in the time we’ve been given. 

Now, that’s not exactly true.  We do have our weekly schedule laid out for us of all the events and activities we are doing.  For instance we will be leading a Holiday Bible Club there (think "VBS.")  We have to do all the curriculum and planning for that, including stories, crafts, music, and activities.  I’m ready to get some things planned and on paper so that we can dole out the work and get busy!   Last time our story, craft, and music time took about, oh, 45 minutes total.  That left 1 hr and 15 minutes for the teenagers to try to play games with the kids outside!  You can only do so much Red Rover, ya know?  But then we really didn’t know what to expect either so who can blame us? 

I know what to expect a little more this time so I want to be ready.  Not just for the sake of doing it but for the sake of meeting our mission… to share God’s love with those whom He puts in our path those 10 days in July.  I want to be purposeful.  I want to be driven!  For 10 days I won’t be distracted by "Mom! He’s touching me!"  "Mom, she has my Polly Pocket!"  I want to make the most of it knowing that the precious ones God has given me will be happily tucked away with their loving and wonderful grandparents so that I can think outside the little box that contains me and my "little" family for just a short while. 

Pray for me and for the ones I will be going with.  That we will be given a message to share with the ones we meet.  That their hearts will be soft toward His gospel.  That God will make a way.  I can’t wait to meet Him there.   

Alas! There is hope!
January 21, 2007, 10:01 pm
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I’m so excited!  Hope is not lost!  You have to go see these CUTE aprons over at Smockity Frocks!  She is hosting a contest to win an apron and I almost said it was CUTE again.  But I won’t.   Say it’s CUTE I mean.  I’ll just say I love it and if you win from linking to it from me I will be happy for you.  But I will be happier for ME if I win it.  Did I mention I’ve been a LOSER lately?  She draws on January 26 so get ’em in early!