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October 31, 2007, 10:45 am
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From Wikipedia:

On this day in 1517, Martin Luther posted a proposal at the doors of a church in Wittenburg, Germany to debate the doctrine and practice of indulgences . This proposal is popularly known as the 95 Theses ,
which he nailed to the Castle Church doors. This was not an act of
defiance or provocation as is sometimes thought. Since the Castle
Church faced Wittenberg’s main thoroughfare, the church door functioned
as a public bulletin board and was therefore the logical place for
posting important notices. Also, the theses were written in Latin, the
language of the church, and not in the vernacular. Nonetheless, the
event created a controversy between Luther and those allied with the
Pope over a variety of doctrines and practices.

Why does this matter, and who cares?  God has used this event in history to spark "reformation" or "change" in the church.  At the point in history that this happened, the church was extremely corrupt– "indulgences", which were basically handed out by the church as permission or forgiveness for sin– could be bought with money, basically blaspheming the atonemental work of Christ on the cross for sin.  This was rampant throughout the church and Luther could never get away from the guilt of his sin– it was constantly upon him no matter what he did, whether penance, beating his body, or other pious things.  In God’s providence, Luther’s eyes were opened when he read that we are only able to live justly through faith– not these tricks of the church that they used as manipulative weapons over the people.   He was freed from his guilt and began vigorous study of the Word to see where else he had been deceived.  Ultimately he posted these 95 Theses or scriptural "intellectual arguments" for all to see, the church first as they were written Latin- the language of the church- but it was quickly translated into German, French, and English as the common person in these medieval times was not versed in Latin.

Luther had been freed and he wanted others to be freed as well.   

"If the Son has set you free, you will be free indeed!"  John 8:36

This revelation motivated people to study scripture for themselves starting a spiritual reformation  that spread across Europe and over the world.

So how will you celebrate this very important day? 


Ages and stages
October 29, 2007, 7:21 pm
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I filed this under "cute kids stuff" because Caroline assures me that one day I’ll think it’s cute…
I have a certain child who has recently outgrown all her clothes.  (Yes, it’s amazing.  My children DO actually outgrow clothes!)  Sunday when we were getting ready for church, we couldn’t find anything for her to wear, and I don’t mean that in a diva-type way, but in a "none of my cold weather clothes fit me" type of way.  It was true, too.  I went through her closet and started pulling out clothes that were in there that were too small and I made a HUGE pile.  If I hadn’t been getting ready for church as a single mom this weekend, I would have stopped and taken a picture.  (Mr. Grits and Jojo in TN for soccer.)
By the time I was finished, she had 2 short sleeved t-shirts, about 6 long sleeved t-shirts (four of which were pink or some variety of pink which she will not wear now), one skirt, a bridesmaid dress from Katie’s wedding, a medieval costume, an Auburn jersey, one or two sweatshirts with stains on them, and a plentiful amount of school uniforms.   Praise be for the school uniforms!   
I’m not kidding– that’s all that’s in there. 
So she put on the one skirt and one of the long sleeved shirts with her flip flops (oh yea, all she had were tennis shoes, uniform shoes which I would not make her wear to church, and flip flops) and off we went to church after I had commandeered my mom to babysit the next day so we could go shopping.  Did I mention it was in the low 50’s?
Today after school, we eat lunch then head out for the dreaded event.  Can I tell you, it was easier telling her she has to have a tooth pulled tomorrow than it was telling her we were going shopping for clothes.   And yes, she is having a tooth pulled tomorrow and would seriously opt for that over shopping. 
We searched 5 different stores and 2 shoe stores and saved a TON of money!  SO MUCH that we actually came back with the same amount that we left with!  We didn’t buy ONE thing.  Not one.  In fact, she didn’t even try anything on.  Sadly, I told her I would buy her ANYTHING in the store as long as she’d just pick something out.  Nope.  No go. 

Here’s our "shorter list" of things that disqualify an article of clothing:

no big buttons

no flowers

no polka dots

no stripes

basically, no prints, at all

no puffed sleeves

no bows or anything that resembles one

nothing gathered, especially shirts

no corduroy or any fabric that would be considered "too soft"

no sweaters

no babydoll shirts, for sure!

no tights

no embellishments of any kind

no dresses; only skirts

no mini skirts– they have to be LONG

nothing feminine looking

and heaven forbid, NO PINK.

So, anyone got any ideas??  Links?  Prozac??  The question really is, what is she going to wear to church on Sunday??

Sadly, you know what slays me?  I WAS JUST LIKE HER AT THIS AGE.  My mom was SO laughing at me… (thanks mom!) 

Local buns
October 26, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Yesterday I had the privilege of going on a field trip with my 9 year old, JD to a local landmark.  Sadly, from where we were, we only had one view of the Roman god of the forge… I’m supremely thankful for his smithy’s apron… Brings new meaning to "Buns of Steel."  This is actually the largest cast iron statue in the world.  Kinda makes me feel the need to cook up a batch of cornbread. 
Maybe some cornbread buns…

I just remembered…
October 26, 2007, 11:56 am
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Back when Mr. Grits and I were young, broke(r), and in college I worked part-time in the admissions office of our university.  I spent my whole college career there until it came time to do my internship at a local elementary school (education major.)  The people there were like a family and were really close.  I remember when one of the secretary’s husband was tragically killed everyone rallied around.  When their kids graduated, we celebrated.  It was kind of a nice transition from being at home to being away at college and married at 18 to have that family atmosphere.  They were all full-time professionals and there were some of us student workers who came and went over the years– some of us were there more permanently than others but nonetheless we were welcomed into their family no matter how long we were there for.  I’m sure by the time they retire they could all have honorary doctorates in counseling too as they had to deal with all kids of high-school-kid-just-graduated-and-is-now-partying-too-much-in-college drama.  Not from me, of course.  o:-)  Then there was regular office drama of kids away from home; kids who couldn’t afford their schooling and the lives they lead and got into financial trouble; it went on and on.  They were really protective of us, and in a lot of way we had some "pull" because administratively speaking, we had friends in high places!  It was nice to know if there was some type of honest problem, our surrogate family would help us out. 
Anyhow, Mr. Grits graduated in the spring and I had 2 more quarters (yes, we were on quarter system which I loved!) which meant after working and going to school for a summer, I showed up one day and it was my last day in the office with my surrogate family.  The next quarter would be spent with 1st graders at the local elementary school as I did my internship, and you can’t work during your internship.   
I should mention that up until this time, Mr. Grits and I had heavily relied on financial aid to see us through school– and I don’t mean loans.  We had earned scholarships to cover our schooling and much of our other needs were covered by the Pell Grants and SEOG’s that we were eligible for, since we were young, married, and POOR!  In fact, I will throw out this little nugget of information but we actually got out of college with only a small student loan that was for our one small used car– since we didn’t have to make payments until a year after graduation.  No credit card debt or any other debt of any kind.  I still think that’s amazing when I look back.  We were SO careful. 
When I started my internship I went to the financial aid office to pick up my grant check that we would be basically living off of since I wasn’t working (for pay!) that semester.   For reasons, I STILL don’t know, it wasn’t there.  They didn’t have it and had no record that we were going to get it.  I was a wreck!  That was basically our entire income for the next 3 months and now we didn’t have it! 
So, like anyone would do I went to my "family" with my problem, which was just a few doors down. 
I went in to see my boss, Dean Jim Hutto and tearfully told him my story.  He left the room, and did something– I don’t know what– came back in and told me it would be ready in 2 weeks.  I was so grateful and just could not believe it!  But I will never forget what he did next.  He didn’t just hand me a tissue and say "There, there, be warmed; be filled!"  He pulled out his checkbook, and he said, "Kim, I don’t want any argument– what do you need to get by?"   Like he was my dad or something!   I just sat there and thought, "What would Mr. Grits want me to do?"  I knew he wouldn’t want me to take money from him so I just thanked him profusely and told him that I thought we were in a position to make it for the next two weeks.
I don’t think about this everyday, obviously, but I will never forget him truly "putting his money where his mouth was."  I have no doubt that I could have asked for anything from him and he would have given it to me, and knowing me and our situation, that there was a chance I’d be unable to pay him back. 
Dean Hutto has moved on from our humble university now and I heard he is in Texas, but I’ll never forget him and his culminating act of kindness after my 3 1/2 years of working for him. 
I just thought of this today and wanted to put it here so I wouldn’t forget again. 
I was stunned.

Independence day!!!!!!!!
October 24, 2007, 5:11 pm
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Today my doctor released me to wean off Stupamax Topemax!  It should take a while to get out of my system but HOORAY!!!!!!!! 

No headaches in 8 days.  Before that, just a wee headache; before that, 6 days headache free.  I can deal with this! 

I also got two shots.  IN THE HEAD.  Evidently my left Occipital Nerve is very inflamed.  Go figure!  My neck feels all stiff tonight.   

It’s beginning to look a lot like…
October 23, 2007, 4:29 pm
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Finally!  I can’t believe it’s finally cooling off around the Grits’ part of the world and it’s even a rainy day to boot!  WOOHOO!  Today "Santa Claus" brought my younger boys uniform long trousers and sweatshirts for school.  Good timing, Claus! 

No soccer because of the weather so I’m glad to be staying INDOORS tonight and I’m even pondering making soup for dinner. 

Speaking of Santa, as soon as fall kicks in, I start thinking of the kids’ Christmases and gifts and what to plan for them.   I even made my first purchase today!  Of course, the things I bought were the ONLY things I have a clue my kids want so I figured I better go ahead and get them.   I’m also pretty excited to have finally found a coordinating stocking for Bee!   I got it on Ebay and of all things, it came in a lot of two.  I didn’t need two but it worked out in a cool way because that will let us hang a stocking for our wee John which will be kind of neat! 

Alright, must make the evening meal.  Someone be leaving me some ideas for Christmas presents or stocking stuffers for my kids.  I don’t spend a lot on my kids but we try to do really "good stockings."  In fact, the other day the kids told us they didn’t care if they got a joint gift as long as they still got stockings.  🙂  That made me happy. 

Aloha Friday
October 19, 2007, 4:49 pm
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For lack of brain cells on this Friday, I thought I’d play along and ask a question and have you answer by leaving a comment.  Sounds like fun to me! 
Um.  Now I have to come up with a question. 
I know!

What type of calendar do you have this year?

Sounds simple enough!  Now just leave me a comment and we will all have a great weekend!  OH me?  I have our school’s "God’s Creation" calendar that we sell every year as a fundraiser.  Don’t tell anyone, but I bought a Chickfila calendar for 2008.  More fun, and COUPONS!  😀